Yala Wild Camping Reviews

Feedback From our guests

"Thank you for the highlight of our trip! We can't thank you enough for the time we shared with you in your Yala camp. Aliya Safaris provided a truly exceptional camping experience and we were gifted with an abundance of wildlife sightings from leopards and elephants to beautiful peacocks and big monitor lizards”.
Glenn Zerby and Sandy Patel. Washington, USA
The 3 nights we spent with Aliya Safaris Camping in Yala National Park was an amazing experience. Service excellent - nice and low key, but nothing was missed. On our last night, a dinner was arranged for us at beautiful spot (we were on our honeymoon) which was a really nice touch. We loved all our game drives and Danushka’s skill to simultaneously driving on rough terrain and managing to spot two leopards was amazing. Yala National Park is a beautiful area to explore and the jungle team and camp made the most of it.
Caterina, Geneva. Switzerland
“Thanks for a great Yala stay. The tents were comfortable and we loved the food, fresh, hearty, plentiful and devoid of pretentions. Ditto wine. Game drives very good and pleasurable and interesting. Great staff, operation well managed and the location, of course, outstanding overlooking beautiful bush and rocks in Yala”.
Nikki, London
”Thank you for looking after our safari group so well. We were excited to see the leopards and the elephants and all the other animals and birds. The elephant coming to camp was a highlight” .
Natalie Love, Australia
"There were magic moments and the elephant mom and baby are still in my heart. I brought back many pictures and a video that proves an elephant is not only big but also very delicate in its way of scratching himself".
Sylvia Ischer. Basel, Switzerland
“Our experience with the Jungle team was 100% positive. The Yala camp was arranged with great care, cooking excellent and meals nicely presented. The camp location in the Yala wilderness was fantastic and a source of peace for our mind between many hours of safari. A lot of wildlife sightings and we appreciated your style of wildlife watching. Always patient, taking the time, never in a hurry. An outcome was the amazing highlight with the big male leopard hunting a spotted deer, what an exciting wildlife experience. Arrangements were spotless and you did everything as promised".
Milos Kostka family, Brno, Czech Republic
“We booked the Aliya Safaris stay via the internet as independent travellers and weren't quite sure what to expect - but the whole experience was fabulous! Everything was perfect from when we were picked up at the Yala entrance. An excellent team is the running the camp, well trained staff and the camp operation manager Kamal is a very pleasant guy who helped us a lot and treated us very well. We totally enjoyed our stay from the tent to the menu, to the game drives well thought out and executed. In short, we loved this place, team, location and experience. Daily sightings of leopard, elephants and lots of birds made it all perfect”.
Paolo. Rome, Italy
“I just wanted to say thank you so much for organising the safari for us at such short notice. It was a wonderful time and a highlight of our trip to Sri Lanka. The quality of service you offered was really great”.
Shari Wildisen, UK
"Wonderful days in Yala and really enjoyed our stay and lucky enough to see those elusive leopards - truly thrilling. Thanks so much for organizing it all at such short notice".
Mary Louise Stonham‐Ask, UK
"Thank you so much for organizing our tour of Yala. It was literally the most incredible experience ever - on a holiday of a lifetime! Kamal was fantastic, he looked after us amazingly and in general is a thoroughly nice chap!! The driver Danushka was fabulous in finding the animals. I now have the most amazing pictures of a leopard strolling past our jeep as well as a tusker elephant that I could have reached out and touched (had my heart not been pounding so much …) ".
Faye Williamson, London, UK