Reservation Agreement

The Booking Agreement

Explained Step By Step

General about the Service

1)  The tour is a mobile and temporary camping event arranged in Yala National Park for a few days.

2) We consider the reservation procedure an agreement between operator Aliya Safaris and the customer. 

3) Reservations are individual. We offer this service for one private party only. 

4) A booking can be made for 1, 2 or 3 nights.

6) We only accept bookings for a maximum of 5 or 6 clients.

The Booking

7) First step of the booking is that we initially confirm availability as a team to arrange the safari camp event. 

8) Let us know that you wish to confirm.

9) An invoice will be sent listing agreed details and the total rate. We will let you know when to make the payment.

10) For each particular booking we have to obtain an official permit issued by the Department of Wildlife Conservation, Colombo head office. 

11)  The official permit work is our work, – not your worry. 

12)  We may accept the camping booking before we can formally obtain the official permit to use a camping location in Yala National Park. 

13) The formal location reservation can be finalized only in the first week of the month prior to the month the tour is going to take place.  So that will be about 1 – 2 months prior to the tour dates.

14) We are asking a full payment as soon as the location is formally reserved.

15) Your confirmation:   The payment by you is considered your confirmation. 

16) Our formal confirmation: To be emailed after receiving the payment.


17) Cancellation by us due to ‘unexpected surprises’.  Should we be forced to cancel the tour we will fully refund your payment.  This will be done as soon as possible and within reasonable office work and bank time. We will attempt to ensure that such a refund is received in less than ten bank business days / = two weeks.

18) This disclaimer is simply about being open, clear and transparent about the booking process. So far a cancellation has never been necessary but we’d like to repeat that we are not simply accepting a booking for a ‘hotel room’.