Yala Tent Stay


Yala Tent Stay

Camp tour in Yala – How to stay

Most of the camping locations are situated under tall trees on sites overlooking a river, with our camping set up blending seamlessly into the surrounding landscape.

Old-fashioned real camping

This tour is a unique and real deal way to experience living inside Yala National Park for a few days. Authentic camping facilities are exactly the whole point of the experience; especially because there is no other way, than an old-fashioned ‘primitive camping tour’.

One party - private bookings

We will not combine different bookings.

This tour experience shines as a private one.

A booking is,  –  a booking for you  –  only …

An ‘art of the possible’ experience

Working under existing regulations we have quite a few limitations. The task for our team is to defy the perceived feeling of restraints and make the client appreciate what it is.  A matchless chance to live and stay overnight inside Yala and being one with nature.

Yes, it is basic but that is exactly the point of it. Simple tented facilities are part of the price to pay, a little suffering, it is real camping.  An unfiltered experience that enhances the feeling of reward;  eating and sleeping under a blanket of stars while listening to the soundtrack of the wild forests of Yala National Park.

The tent stay

Before the arrival of clients we set up the camp and tents for relatively easy wild camp living.  

‘Amenities’ are few and basic but it is all arranged by our team to be a functional experience and part of the charm of wild and real camping. 

Your tent accommodation is a 9 square meter tent with a middle height of 225 cm.

We prepare the tent with good mattresses pleasantly covered with bed sheet and pillows.

Other provided items are towels, bottled water, mosquito repellant, shampoo, toothpaste, battery charged lamps and a small mirror.

The space outside the tent door is covered for sun and rain and ‘furnished’ with floor mat, chairs and a table. No sophisticated … but basic furniture. Good quality plastic chairs and tables (all chosen for convenient packing and transport).

How to wash hands, or take a bath … ?

A basic water supply is arranged at the tent for rudimentary hand, face and feet wash.  No shower is installed, sorry.

Water buckets are provided outside the tent for basic wash.

There is also a 10-liter water tank with tap – for very limited running water.

The water is hand-carried by the team and they will refill.

If you want to take a bath the option is to take a dip in the beautiful river; it can be used for washing and bathing.  Not a bad substitute for a shower, really enjoyable in the middle of the day. 

In the evening after the afternoon safari you may prefer to wash face, hands and feet at the tent, for some people it might be too dark to dip in the river …

A wild living experience - with safari outside your zipped door

Our camping location is one of few places where it is allowed to get down from the vehicle in the national park. The great advantage of the camping tour is the different aspect of a ‘safari living experience’. 

Access to safari is short and easy, after all we are inside- and surrounded by national park …

When you are woken up with tea and coffee around 5.30 am, safari is outside the door.  We will target to get ready for the jeep drive at 5.55 am

In the morning it will take at least half an hour before we come across day-tour jeeps. The golden dawn time of the morning safari is for us only.

Likewise, in the evening we have about half an hour ‘alone’ in the park, after the day-tour jeeps have left until we have to back in our camp.

A washroom – toilet facility

Rules for national park camping mean we are unable to install a mobile toilet or generator powered running water.

We have practical solutions to the challenges and fortunately the campsite has a humble, permanent, toilet facility.

Charging of batteries

Phone and camera batteries can be charged.

We will connect an inverter to a jeep car-battery.